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What is Crossfit?

CrossFit swept the national stage just a few years ago with the nationally televised CrossFit Games. However, long before the Games there were small groups of people all over the country that would gather before work, after school, and on weekends and train in ways that that seemingly been long forgotten.

Back came the Olympic Lifts (snatch, clean and jerk) , the gymnastics movements from childhood P.E. classes, sprints, kettle bells, rowing, jumping, and most of all – healthy competition with everyone else in the gym. CrossFit revolutionized the fitness industry by taking people off of isolated machines in gyms and putting them in open rooms with free weights, climbing apparatuses, and many other toys to play with.

All of a sudden the loan gym member with his/her hat pulled down, earphones in, hoping to not get harassed, bothered, hit on, or have to ignore the hoards checking themselves out in front mirrors – had a place to train. A place to train hard; to learn new skills, to improve everyday, to receive top notch coaching, encouragement, and recognition. A place to push our limits, to test ourselves, and to have the time of our lives doing it.

CrossFit brought back the concept of being on a team, of being part of a family, of being part of a group of people that care as much for who you are as how much you can lift or how fast you can run. Community is a big word; it is also the core of what makes a real CrossFit gym what it is.

People come to us with varying degrees of experience and ability. Clients range from the complete novice to professional athletes to people that haven’t worked out since the Presidential Physical Fitness Test in the 1970’s. Thus we don’t believe in a one size fits all model when it comes to workouts.

All physical skills have foundational movements and foundation strengths needed to perform them safely. Until our clients can perform movement patterns correctly, and then also has the requisite strength to safely control their bodies and weights, we want them working with more foundational movements and less weights.

At Gravitas Fitness (formerly Crossfit Pacific Coast), we offer daily workouts in three different categories: Function, Performance and Sport. The Function workouts are designed for those who are relatively new to organized training and offers a very solid base off strength, skills, and conditioning. New skills and movements are drilled over and over until they become second nature. What’s the point in seeing how much weight an athlete can lift before knowing they can lift it correctly?

The next level up is Performance workouts. These build upon the base of fitness earned at the Function level and start to work in more dynamic and advanced movements in CrossFit gymnastics and full versions of the Snatch, Clean and Jerk.

For those interested in competing in CrossFit, we have the Sport workouts. These are designed for those interested in gaining all the skills and strength needed to do weekend competitions and is planned annually to peak these athletes for the CrossFit Open. The next step after Sport workouts is an Individual Design. Gravitas Fitness has a proud tradition of producing high level CrossFit competitors on the Central Coast.

Our membership packages run from $165 per for 9 classes a month ($18 per class) through $275 a month for an unlimited membership that includes all-day Open Gym training. All members have the ability to add an all-day Open Gym membership for $55 a month.

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