Drop-Ins to Gravitas Fitness

Interested in dropping in? You must have at least 3 months of CrossFit experience to drop-in. Please email us at info@gravitasfitness.com and fill out our waiver before you come in. You can view our class schedule here.

Daily drop-in fee: $25
Class + T-Shirt Comb: $40
Weekly Drop-in fee: $65

House Rules
1. If you are more than 10 minutes late for a class, you are 50 minutes early for the next class.
2. When class is in session please stay off the gym floor. Respect the red lines.
3. When the coach is talking, everyone else should be listening.
4. Safety is all of our responsibility. Be safe; don’t do anything that would put yourself or anyone else in an unsafe position.
6. Our music is perfectly selected for the situation.
7. Unless your Mom trains here, clean up after yourself and put your equipment away.
8. You are now on a team. Look out for your teammates.
9. Children are welcome to stay in the foyer, not on the gym floor. Children and heavy weights do not mix well.
10. Leave your ego with your cell phone in your car. Both will be there when you’re done training.
11. For many of us, this is our home. Please treat it as such.
12. Train hard. Train smart. Be nice.

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